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Lavatory management by loyalty card

Micro BE provides an optimal solution for welcoming customers in shopping malls and developing customer loyalt...

Coworking space management using RFID card

Micro Be, more than a badge! Simplify your co-working space using the RFID card. The same badge for your...

Tennis court management using RFID card

Simplify your tennis court management using an RFID smartcard. The same card to control the access to the ten...

Golf management using RFID card

One RFID card only for the management of your entire golf site with one collection point only. There's no nee...

Contactless Mifare card, NXP quality

NXP Mifare card is a safe bet. Copies and cons-ways are not permitted! See below other forms as smartcard an...

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Equipment of the harbor of Ajaccio (Corsica)

The solution of the management of fluids and electricity of the harbor wich runs since 2004 in ...

MICRO BE participates at the TITANS REGATTA 2017

Micro Be is about to participate at the Titans Regatta, the economic partners the 16th september 2017, one more ...