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RFID electronic electricity and water box for bollards

This electronic box is used to manage water and electricity from bollards in harbours and areas for nomadic populations. With a contactless smartcard, 8 outputs are controlled (contactor and/or solenoid valve).
Each point is self-contained and can be configured differently according to the need of the site. (E.g. Occasional users or subscribers)
The user presents his card then selects electricity plug or water using a light on/light off push button.
The contactless smartcards are programmed with our software with a table reader which is connected to a computer.
They can also be managed using the specific harbour or nomadic areas software. Contact us about the compatibility.
pdf Electronic box for bollards datasheet [18/05/2015 16:59] 500 Ko.
pdf Fiche_DE453A8_2015.pdf [18/05/2015 16:59] 614 Ko.
pdf La gestion des ports par badge RFID [18/05/2015 16:59] 633 Ko.

USB contactless reader for Mifare card


Multiservices software using RFID smartcard

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