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Access control software for centralized management using RFID card

SARWIN is an access control software for centralized management, using RFID smartcard.

SARWIN can utilise various types of technology to identify users (electronic token, proximity card, RFID contactless smartcard). With SARWIN, a network of readers, a database of users and the supervision of access rights can be managed in real time. When a card is presented the response is immediate.

The PaxxWin software manages the users’ database and the readers’ parameters.
The database is Microsoft Access® type.

The complementary module (Captphoto) is used to take photos and include them in the users’ files. Another module (Impbdg) is used to print plastic cards using the fields of the base.
Paxxwin can also be used to configure the readers’ network.
The Car-09 software is the alarm and access real time supervisor.
One or several concentrators CR100 (8 maximum) can pilot a network of up to 240 readers.
Each reader manages one or two aerials, 2 relays and 4 inputs.


Automatic barriers using RFID badge


Tripod turnstile using RFID badge


Ethernet reader using RFID card, centralized mode

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