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Portrait: the company Micro Be in La Garde: traceability in hospital

Traceability in hospitalChips are everywhere. They can be very useful above all. Especially in hospital for the traceability of hand hygiene such as attests the creation, in La Garde (France), in April 2015, of the company MediHandTrace (

Since 1986 (30 years), the engineering office, Micro Be, created by Serge Ternoir and Bernard Buzuru has not stopped innovating: From the first cash desk to the RFID traceability (radio identification frequencies), several solutions developed by the company "Micro Be" created several companies in charge to commercialize them, leaving thus the engineering office to be consecrated to innovate.

Today, the company MICRO BE is present in the company Scolaconcept capital (school system product) and Insilio (access control management and water/electricity consumption of users in harbors and nomadic areas)

Hand hygiene traceability

Hand hygiene in hospital has been researched and experimented during 4 years and the solution developed by the company situated in La Garde has been tested during 1 year in the North Hospital in Marseille which was used as pilot site. "The tests reveal that even in the high service, the health caregiver forgets to disinfect his hands. The solution we propose allows to trace the health pathway of each caregiver and create alerts to recalled the obligation of using the hydroalcoholic solution (SHA) at disposal". The system warns when the SHA bottles are empty also. Chips are inside the caregiver's shoes and the antennas are placed in the floor near the SHA distributors and from the accesses.
To commercialize this product, the company MediHandTrace was created in April 2015. The French and overseas hospitals will be solicited. The business plan in 4 years forecasts 4 M€ of turnover. All softwares are developed by Micro Be in La Garde "We test the electronic of which the fabrication is outsourced and we sell to MediHandTrace in charge of commercialization.


Contact information

ZI Toulon EST
130 rue Berthelot - BP387
83130 LA GARDE

0033 (0)4 94 14 48 70

0033 (0)4 94 14 48 71


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