CCNews N°46 - 31 August 2015

How fight against nosocomial infections?

800000 patients reached per year, 30000 dies in hospital: sad results that MediHandtrace has set a target to reduce significantly.

In the field of health, the applications of connected  devices are not limited to "Quantified Self" which use to calculate its weight, its tension and other sanitary measures. This is useful, but certain people considerate that the technologies applications to protect the patients is a priority. This is the spirit realized by the consortium MediHandTrace, born in 2011 from alliance of two companies with complementary expertise’s : Micro Be, Serge Ternoir's company, a veteran of smartcard since 1986 and Ephygie-Hand, specialized in hand hygiene and holder a certificate of automatized systems of traceability. The consortium, associated to the URMITE 6236 research unit (CNRS / Mediterranean University) developed and validated several traceability tools, in collaboration with the health care workers of Professor Philippe Brouqui team.

We often ignore it, but one of the public health major problems in hospitals is the infections transmission called "nosocomial infections" or "infections associated to the cares" says Bernard Delord, creator of MediHandTrace. In France, more than 800 000 patients are reached every year. The accumulation of a lack of rigor in the application of protocols for hand hygiene and those in the care chain (including malfunctions in the installation / removal, and monitoring of invasive devices such as catheters and urinary catheters) is causing more than 30,000 deaths per year in France in hospital. How to reduce this disaster results? By insuring the best preventions to infections simply such as hand washing, using hydro alcoholic solutions in particular (SHA). The solution is simple, but however the experts are noticed that "The rate of observance noticed is currently inferior than 30%, despite the importance and the patient's criticality".

These warning figures incited MediHandtrace to develop the "automatized audit system of good hand hygiene". This system is based on radiofrequencies technology. It traces the health pathway, evaluates and optimizes the conformity to protocols. It saves the occurrences of disinfection, per hospital function, per bedroom, per service and returns in real time the consumptions of SHA, the levels of conformity. It has number of functions such as alerts (activable) in case of non-conformity and flow recording of health care assistant. It has several elements:

- The Patient Smart Reader (barcode detector, PDA type) provides an answer of systemization and rigor in the automated traceability of health care.

The ShaView is an hydro alcoholic solutions consumption supervisor which anticipates the restocking and displays using a graphic the daily statistics, per bedroom and per service.

The MediHandTrace software displays in real time the complete activity on a screen of the health care traceability and hand hygiene per bedroom and per a complete service.

All these solutions were installed in the Tropical Infectious Diseases service (MIT) in Marseille North Hospital (France), under the responsibility, the Professor Philippe Brouqui, department manager. 

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