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Management of waste collection using RFID card

The software for waste disposal is used to manage waste collection centers and operates using Windows.
This software also operates using our RFID access control system with contactless smartcards (Mifare).

The user accesses the site with its preloaded RFID card.

The software for waste disposal has the following functions: 

  • Management of access rights to the waste collection center
  • Identification of the user
  • Capable of defining 45 types of waste
  • Definition of 10 specific mesuring units
  • Management of depositing and removal of waste
  • Calculation of price and conversion of units
  • Management of load weighing machine 
  • Printing of receipts
  • Transaction registering
  • Various lists and help with invoicing
  • Itemised statistics and graphs of depositings and removals
  • Transfer of files via Internet for a specific use by the client
  • Saving of client files

The software for waste disposal is used for statistics and management of client data provided by the waste collection center(s) which operates using Windows. This software, aimed at management centers, deals with data from software installed on waste collection centers.

pdf Gestion des déchetteries par badge RFID [10/06/2015 16:18] 222 Ko.

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