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Intelligent keypad

The intelligent keypad generating automatically its codes by itself, erases each code after use and changes the codes every day.


Easy installation :

- Power supply 12V with dry contact in output to manage the opening system (standard electrical lock, suction disc...)
- It is not necessary to be connected to the network, it is self-contained.
- A software is installed for the manager in order to distribute the codes (viva voce or by sms).

Example of application: after restoring his smartcard at the end of stay, he will use this unique code for going out of your site. The code is usable until midnight.


pdf Fiche technique du digicode intelligent [28/11/2016 17:53] 427 Ko.

Contact information

ZI Toulon EST
130 rue Berthelot - BP387
83130 LA GARDE

0033 (0)4 94 14 48 70

0033 (0)4 94 14 48 71


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