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electronic self-contained lock using Mifare smartcard

With a multiservices contactless smartcard, this lock is easy to be installed and to use.
This electronic lock is a wireless access control on existing doors.

Two possibilities:
- by learning mode (no software needed)
- complet mode using Saxo Software (access rights management on the smartcard)

The electronic lock is fitted on standard doors.

Mechanical and electrical fitting are not required on the door frame.

The exit remains clear which is a requirement for offices or public halls.

The barrel remains accessible, allowing the door to be locked.

This lock works with four integrated batteries and is completely self-contained.

The smartcard is compatible with all MICRO BE software such as catering, access control, electronic purse, etc. This is a multiservice card, with Mifare technology.

pdf Autonomous lock PA653KS-A (software) datasheet [18/05/2015 17:01] 385 Ko.
pdf Autonomous lock PA653KS-AA (learning mode) datasheet [18/05/2015 17:01] 377 Ko.
pdf Fiche technique Serrure autonome (avec logiciel) [18/05/2015 17:02] 465 Ko.
pdf Fiche technique de la serrure électronique en mode apprentissage [18/05/2015 17:01] 465 Ko.
pdf Logiciel Saxo [18/05/2015 17:01] 466 Ko.
pdf Saxo software datasheet [18/05/2015 17:02] 442 Ko.

Contact information

ZI Toulon EST
130 rue Berthelot - BP387
83130 LA GARDE

0033 (0)4 94 14 48 70

0033 (0)4 94 14 48 71


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